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The Your Cathays Newsletter #10 will be out late summer 2019

Cathays: a re-emerging demographic of families as a resilient & vibrant community!

Welcome to Your Cathays – a hardcopy newsletter that goes to a specific 1,200+ family homes and 250-300 local businesses/faith groups/voluntary bodies/charities etc. to raise awareness of many positive things (and encourage greater participation) in your own district of Cathays.

Your Cathays Calendar:

Week of Apr 15th

  • There are no events scheduled during this period.

Please contact us and tell us about your events in Cathays so that we can add them to the Your Cathays Calendar for everyone else across Cathays to see & share in your activities !!


There is at least 1,500 households + across Cathays that receive the hardcopy Your Cathays Newsletter. It has taken a decade of door knocking and attempting to find all the families/residents in Cathays to ensure you all get a copy of the Your Cathays Newsletter.

The purpose of this website is to show as many positive things in Cathays as possible, link people up (particularly long term neighbours who may not even be aware of each other) and giving examples of how to improve your district and improve the quality of life for everyone!

Videos, blogs, newsletters, reports – there will be many avenues to attempt to communicate good practice in your fair district of Cathays.

Your Cathays was informally started in the early to mid 2000’s with work on planting initiatives, creating natural soakways, encouraging water butts to be added to the area, housing and material recovery, community engagement and attempting to understand the local area (people, nature,  economy); by 2011 this website began to quietly evolve …..

By highlighting good practise that exist in Cathays; we can all be involved with community initiatives, supporting our ageing population, supporting young families (and greater social interconnectivity), supporting local businesses (what can we do to reduce the summer economy lull), charities (helping the homeless and low income families), social enterprises (new fairer economy), religious services (at our churches, mosques, synagogues etc.) and any other thing that helps make Cathays a better district to live, work and relax in.

Your word is important and we want to hear from you. This is your district – your word counts! All contributors will be credited for their input, unless they choose to be anonymous.

Please email your thoughts, stories, ideas or a group you support to –  It is important we share the positive attributes of the Cathays district.