Cardiff Community Energy

CCE Logo - Final 2016

Cardiff Community Energy was established to launch in 2014/15 with a view to place 100 MW of renewable energy across Cardiff, with the opportunity for local skills improvements, local investment and return; so that local people can benefit socially, economically and environmentally from partaking in this community energy co-operative movement.

On Wednesday, 29th October 2014 the Directors were elected (at a meeting room in Cathays Community Centre) to bring forward Cardiff Community Energy (CCE); it’s mission is to create a renewable energy co-operative which local people can invest in.

With a mission to bring 100 megawatts (MW) of clean renewable energy through, initially photovoltaic (PV) electric solar panels and gradually a mix of other renewable energies – CCE aims to bring a carbon neutral balance to all districts of Cardiff by giving residents and local businesses the opportunity to have community owned renewable energy systems added to their buildings or adjacent land/rivers.

A real opportunity exists here for local people to invest £50 a share, £100 for two shares etc. to support turn your district of Cathays (and the rest of Cardiff) into a zero emissions area/Carbon negative built environment.

There will be an opportunity for the return of investment to be put into local beneficial community projects so investors can make recommendations on what they’d like to see improved in the locality. The more investors – the more positive community contribution can be established.

As of latter 2018/early 2019 Cardiff Community Energy has a real chance now of fulfilling it’s dreams of installing community owned renewable energy platforms across Cardiff.

Be it solar/PV, wind, hydro or other renewable energy platforms – there is real potential in delivering our energy to fuel Cardiff’s increasing electricity needs.

Your voice, your investment, your contribution.

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