Cardiff Digs

Cardiff Digs - logoCardiff Digs was created to support the student populations from the many universities in Cardiff (and South East Wales)

First bit of business – for everybody in Cathays – make sure you put your recycling and food caddies out EVERY week. The waste that you can not recycle or compost – use the calendar below for Sept 2017-August 2018.

Regrettably Cathays does suffer one of the highest break-in rates amongst British Universities, before anything else – students need to sort out the safety of their communal houses as a priority once they move in to their student digs!

The rest of the website is an excellent tool to encourage a more productive and happier time that you spend in Cardiff. Make the most of it.

Additionally the ‘Connect Cathays’ is a very important website which students can use to do their own research on are the houses they are looking to move into are appropriately licensed.

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