Cardiff Rivers Group

“Come and make a difference!”

Cardiff Rivers Group work all around the city, yet spend many of their organised events at Cardiff Castle, Bute Park, which is within the Cathays boundary.

Cardiff Rivers Group main plan is to clean up as much litter from the river banks as well as remove trolleys, tyres and other debris from all Cardiff rivers and estuaries – supporting making our waterways cleaner and safer!

As you can see from the video, the events are always lively and Cardiff Rivers Group are always actively looking for more volunteers to join them.

On Saturday 31st January 2015 Cardiff Rivers Group celebrated their 100 event (2009-2015); a milestone after a challenging start up. We look forward to them celebrating event #200 in 2019/2020. With the CRG volunteers meeting up every three weeks in various different locations all around your city’s districts – Cardiff Rivers Group has served as a model of volunteering and positive environmental improvement.

Please consider joining in with their efforts and help clean up the river systems around Cardiff. The gatherings have consistently had strong numbers of volunteers and many new friendships created over the years.

Once or twice a year parts of the River Taff and other waterways running through Cathays and Central get some tlc clean up from the CRG volunteers.

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