Cathays Compass

Cathays Compass - to help all our residents, faith groups, local businesses and everyone else in Cathays.
Cathays Compass – to help all our residents, faith groups, local businesses and everyone else in Cathays.

Cathays Compass was created hollistically by Cathaysians to bring about a stronger, better connected community. Each year we aim to bring 4 seasonal events:

  • Spring – Cathays Fair
  • Summer – Cathays Picnic/Food event
  • Autumn – Harvest/community inclusion event
  • Winter – Cathays Christmas Community Carols

This was all developed hollistically by the people of Cathays:

  • Local Business
  • All the Faith groups
  • The schools
  • The Police and councillors
  • Charities and voluntary groups
  • and most importantly the 100’s of families who regularly contribute towards Cathays Compass events!!!

The main ethos is to get all the local businesses talking to each other, collaborating and engaging the local Cathays community (and other districts) to support local home grown commerce.

One of first meetings held by Cathays residents, local businesses and faith groups.

There must be opportunities to:

  • Increase local revenue
  • Minimise the summer lulls
  • Reduce waste significantly in the area at business source
  • Increase collaboration between local businesses
  • Improve health of local business entrepreneurs and staff (reduce stress)
  • Support Cathays overall to be the dynamic community it always had the potential to be.

The more encouraged discourse and networking between home grown Cathays businesses – the more we can attempt to analyse themes, ideas and potential collaboration opportunities; then we can really create a strong coherent vibe within our district.

As this website develops over time, Your Cathays wishes to not only list every local business, charity, organisation and voluntary group; the plan is to encourage greater connectivity between all these entities.

Many local businesses have good ideas how to improve the local economy, reduce financial waste, improve local procurement and support each other.

It is intended that a meetings will be held to bring together all local entities for open discussions on how to improve our commerce in Cathays.

A map will be created to highlight where all the local businesses and organisations are based.

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