Cathays Councillors

The Cathays local Councillors & how to contact them:

Your local councillor surgeries in Cathays are:

  • Every Saturday 11am-12pm at Cathays Library
  • First Saturday of the month 11am-12pm at Cathays Community Centre (in addition to the library)
  • Every third Tuesday of the month – City Centre Library 5-6pm.

Your Councillors in Cathays (L-R) Ali Ahmed, Chris Weaver, Sarah Merry and Norma Mackie.

The current Cathays Councillors have made a significant contribution to Cathays in recent years:

  • Engaging with the residents and local businesses to find out what you want to see improved in the local area.
  • Building relationships with locale (residents, businesses, police, schools, universities etc.) to try and open communication and ensure a fair unbiased approach is maintained.
  • Turning down some planning applications to turn 3 bedroom normal family houses into 8 person student houses.
  • Improving the graffiti problem by supporting murals to be created all over Cathays by local artists.
  • Supporting local groups with lottery applications and supporting social improvements.
  • Attending all PACT meetings to learn from the public the local problems and see how we can tackle the issues together.

Make your voice heard – get in touch with your councillors and explain your ideas, concerns or whichever issue you wish to raise. They will work with everyone to ensure solutions can be created for the wellbeing of your district. 

Cllr Ali Ahmed

Tel: 02920 755283 / Mobile:  07968 165138 or eMail:

Cllr Norma Mackie

Tel: 07779 975 605  or eMail:

Cllr Sarah Merry

Tel:  029 2037 2301 / Mobile:  07906 355 971 or eMail:

Cllr Chris Weaver

Tel:  02920 397149 / Mobile:  07909 991 021 or eMail:

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