Supporting Biodiversity in Cathays

There are several planting projects all around Cathays. The projects include networking interested parties together who wish to support local biodiversity and clean up green spaces of things such as unnecessary litter and debris. Ranging from Keep Cathays Tidy, to Friends of Bute Park and Friends of Cathays Cemetery. The primary schools have all shown interest in supporting the pupils being able to visit clean, safe and accessible green space in Cathays.

A lot of the wildflowers are grown by a local families – their ethos is to cultivate locally and distribute across local projects to local residents and businesses – maximise the green space across Cathays with increased biodiversity support. Cathays Compass are looking to lead on this, seeking funding and co-ordinating everyone together in various planting/clean up/improvements volunteering projects.

The purpose of adding wildflowers to our green spaces, reducing the litter on public green spaces and encouraging a responsible and fun use of green space is an important part of communities.

At present project being ear marked for Cathays include reseeding grass areas that have been left bald for many years. Expanding the stock of indigenous wildflowers to support bees and other important insect species and birds.

Examples of work near to Cathays include:

  • Bedford Street planting project (resident project) in the Plasnewydd district.
  • Plasnewydd Garden – contribution of indigenous wildflowers to the locale.
  •  Mackintosh Community Garden – contribution of wildflowers, labour (voluntary) and painting skills.
  • Riverside Community Garden – contribution of wildflowers, recovered materials for building raised beds etc. (2011 – present)
  • Union Planting 2009-present at Engineering department of Cardiff university (student project)

You must have green spaces near you in Cathays that you would like to see enhanced. Contact us at and we’ll see what co-ordinated efforts can be achieved to support improving your green spaces.

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