As you will see from the district border map Cathays district covers a wide area of Cardiff including part of Bute Park, the City Centre as well as Maindy Cathays, Gower Cathays, Blackweir Cathays etc.

Your Cathays is a community support initiative developed in early 2011 by the Davius Consultancy (est 2001) which initially wanted to engage with Cathays residents, local businesses and faith groups – with a view to support your local Cathays district being a happier, safer and better connected place to live in.

What started off as basic information to empower the community, has developed into a twice a year hard copy newsletter and a monthly email update which supports local initiatives/neighbourhood awareness/local economy and collaboration and opportunity for all of you who wish to partake.

The main ethos is to get you all talking to each other – and know what home grown resources are in Cathays for all of you!

Admittedly the Your Cathays stumbled a great deal in the first 18 months set up – although it was linking up work that had been undertaken in 1990’s and 2000’s – engaging with the resident public was incredibly challenging and understandably it has taken almost a decade, during the 2010’s, to get people to drop their guards and begin trying to work together and form a functional community.

2011/12 – with continual damage of theft, breaking and entering, grafitti, growing drug houses being set up, unnecessary noise, and many other negative issues with people feeling helpless/powerless to do anything – a hard copy A5 information sheet started going out with starter info (how to report drugs, who the local councillors, local police are etc).  Yet as opposed to just reporting negative things – Your Cathays wished to highlight all the many positive things happening in Cathays!! Many good things regularly happened in your district – yet it was widely unreported/not communicated widely enough.

2013/14 – after giving out basic info to people in late 2012 / early 2013 in the A4/email formats – it was decided to officially launch the A3 colour Your Cathays Newsletter began to circulate. This was an (ongoing) guaragantuan task – as trying to find everybody who is a living resident in the area was no small task. The first run of newsletters only went to 400 families. After several years of searching and door knocking every single time the Y/C newsletter goes out – (as of 2017/18) we now have over 1,200 families who receive the hardcopy newsletter. Your Cathays is actively trying to find everyone – each time the newsletter goes out. It may be by 2020 there are 1,300 families who receive this newsletter.

2015/2016: Building up the local networks, the word-of-mouth about the newsletter was growing and this was used to generate encouragement of a larger community initiative.

To this after many setbacks finally a ‘Cathays Community and Business Forum’ meeting was set up by the amazing Pastor C. Collins of Woodville Baptist Church.

This then led to the creation of Cathays Compass (Chair: Mrs Anne Smith,  Treasurer Mr Malcolm James) which has worked with the schools, youth centre, library, local businesses etc. and most importantly the families to create regular events! Check out their website – Cathays Compass has become the ‘hub’ of Cathays for all us.

2016/2017 – The monthly group email of the Davius Consultancy led Cathays Monthly Update became a more regular format – with 2017 seeing a regular monthly .pdf format going out to show everyone else’s posters, offers, invitations etc.

  • Use the Y/C calendar to find regular events in your district of Cathays.
  • Join the Y/C Facebook page and open up discourse with your neighbours. E.g builders telling you when they have wood waste, metal or materials Cathays residents can use…. or a cafe or bakers telling you about their recent deals.
  • Support a much stronger social inclusion for the emerging/expanding demographic all across Cathays.
  • Support a stronger local economy in Cathays.
  • Support green space improvements and maintain cleanliness.
  • Support urban built environment design improvements.

Please help us with a small donation – just a few £’s will go a long way towards printing and paper costs:

Often cited as a transient community; Cathays does in fact have a very strong core community of long term residents and long term local businesses – the hardcopy newsletter itself goes to 1,200 (and counting!) families/residents homes (not including city centre) with a further 300 newsletters going to all local businesses, charities, voluntary bodies, schools, libraries etc. within the Cathays District.

With austerity measures sweeping across all of the UK, communities are taking it upon themselves to be more empowered and more responsible for their locality.

Keeping our own streets clean, being more communicative with our neighbours, engaging positive micro-sociality, supporting a local economy and more importantly supporting a greater level of citizenship amongst us all.

Your Cathays consists of this website for any to access yet we also produce a hardcopy NEWSLETTER to hand deliver to residents (many of whom do not have internet access) to ensure that everyone in the Cathays district has access to information of local events, reporting good practice and encouraging greater outreach amongst everyone!

Please do contribute – we wish to hear from you whether its recent story, or you are a local history buff, a long term resident who has been here for decades, a student who temporarily lives here; please get in touch with your stories!

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