CCTV and your Home

Image of domestic CCTV
Image of domestic CCTV in Cathays

Installing CCTV on your home is something many residents (and businesses) are increasingly considering.

Some basic advice if you wish to set up peace of mind security and have CCTV installed in your home.

  • Seeing your own domestic surveillance on ‘live feed’ to your mobile phone!

    The camera’s must be correctly maintained at all times! This means the time/date stamps must be correct on your recordings.

  • The cameras can NOT point at someone else’s property- this is a major breach of privacy.
  • You can direct your homes CCTV cameras down the street parking, onto your vehicles, sheds, gardens etc.
  • You must put Signs/Notices up to signify that CCTV is operating on your property.
  • It is strongly advised you inform your neighbours. They may wish to see what direction the cameras are pointed in and how much they pick up.
  • Having CCTV around Cathays will significantly improve the Police’s ability to collect and use evidence in prosecution (using your CCTV footage) of people breaking and entering into properties or vehicular theft, assaulting people or whatever nefarious activity is caught on your CCTV.
  • This may also help the council if they have a repeating offender who puts out bins by someone else’s property or aggravating neighbours who’s anti social activity can be shown to the appropriate authorities.
Image of CCTV signal sent to your television (or mobile phone depending on what set up you may choose)
Image of CCTV signal sent to your television (or mobile phone depending on what set up you may choose)

Government National Guidance on use of Domestic CCTV:

If you need further information on your responsibilities, rights and appropriate application of CCTV on your home – please check this link.

Help make Cathays a safer place. Consider installing CCTV for your peace of mind.

Massive thanks to Eno for housing surveillance images and extended thanks to Cerian & Luke for in-depth discussion on experience of domestic surveillance!

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