Connect Cathays

Connect CathaysProbably the number one most important website in Cathays. In their own words the Connect Cathays mission is to:

“To connect everyone as a community – both residents and visitors – in Cathays as a geographically-defined area, as an aim in its own right – tied in with psychological aspects of well-being. ”

“To provide a community informatic facility, that people can use to collaborate if they have to make evidence-based judgements, so that any decision-making is transparent and done collectively. “

The Connect Cathays is a pioneering model of information available to anyone who needs it. One particularly strong aspect of Connect Cathays is that it lists every street and details whether properties are compliant to HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy) licensing initiative.

Connect Cathays gives the information to you and other prospective tenants looking to live in Cathays – this ensures prospective tenants know whether the landlords they rent from are up to housing standards and are legitimate or not.

There is much else available on Connect Cathays – please take a look (and donate to them where you can!) A truly pioneering website that we should all be grateful for!

A website about the Cathays district in Cardiff

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