Friends of Bute Park

JpegFriends of Bute Park was established with a view to engage the locality with activities to support and protect your wonderful Bute Park – this has proved popular with all age ranges as the British public become increasingly aware and active in good citizenship and social responsibility.

You can sign up to mailing list on our website – and join us on our regular activities which we undertake every month.

Please bring appropriate footwear, gloves and rain mackintosh.

Activities include:

  • Workshops on tree and plant identification, fungi in nature, bird spotting, fisheries, bee keeping, etc. The list of workshops expands every year.
  • Activities to cut back invasive species, create nature pathways for the public, creating natural structures for insects and other beneficial wildlife to utilise.
  • Friends of Bute Park works in several partnership;
    • with the Council Rangers to undertake ecologically supportive tasks within the park.
    • Cardiff Rivers Group to clean up Bute Park grounds and river systems.
    • Friends of Bute Park are always looking to work with other groups in Cathays and the wider districts on Bute Park projects.

Friends of Bute Park

Get involved – join Friends of Bute Park and see what the monthly activities can be of interest to you.

You can find Friends of Bute Park group on Facebook.

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