Homeless in Cardiff

Homeless in Cardiff – an Introduction
Video explaining homeless issues in Cardiff
The Big Issue
Initiatives being undertaken across Cardiff
Helping/Empowering the Homeless

Homeless in Cardiff – an introduction

It does sometimes appear like there is a marked increase of the homeless in Cathays (many of you will see people begging around the city centre); please look at this article from The Guardian newspaper.

Many people take pity and give cash to people who appear to be homeless, when in fact they are housed and are begging (with cliams of beggers making up to £200 a day) and are therefore taking money away from the real genuine homeless.

The homeless issue is something that will never go away until an appropriate scale of equality in economics is achieved. This may seem like pointless idealism, yet for any modern country to suffer a homelessness element reflects badly on society and our failures which many of us know can be overcome and turned into something better.

Free meals (click this information sheet) are a challenge to provide for our homeless yet many centres (Oasis, Trinity, Huggard etc.) and mobile services (Salvation Army Bus) exist – please click on the left image to show you what is available and please do pass the information on to those in desperate situations.

In 2018 the council, faith groups, charities are working together to try and bring a combined effort to support the homeless!

It is claimed that there is housing/shelter provision to cover all the genuinely homes people in the Cardiff area. Some of the homeless are sceptical about using the shelters due to being in a space with strangers etc. yet many are still very vulnerable out on the streets at night. Encampments have been created (temporarily) in the parks and other green spaces.

Homelessness across the UK is a significant social phenomenon of the 2010’s and 2020’s that we must each learn to live with and support (directly and indirectly) and it is inextricably linked to many facets of life we all take for granted. The current economic climate will create more homeless numbers ….. what can communities do about it?

Video explaining homeless issues in Cardiff

Part of the work that many charities, third sector, social enterprises and volunteers (4th sector!) is raising awareness of the challenges of the homeless.

How did they become homeless? What pushed them into such a desperate situation? What further constraints will they face whilst living on the streets?

The video on the right is a public talk given by a anti-homelessness campaigner explaining to interest parties how the situation has got so bad and what considerations the public should make.

One of the Grangetown Community Projects is exploring the opportunity of creating work for Homeless people which benefits the community and empowers the homeless to improve their situation and reintegrate back into society.

 The Big Issue

There is much we can contribute at present – just by buying the Big Issue this supports homeless people get a fighting chance of making an honest income and gaining an opportunity to get rehoused in the long term.

By your regular purchase of The Big Issue this put money into projects to support equality as well as raise awareness of projects to get vulnerable people (teenagers, ex-army, repossessed sufferers) off the streets and hopefully into a housing project.

 Initiatives being undertaken across Cardiff

What can you do? What ideas may have a positive impact to help the homeless by something you can do in your district?

  • Cardiff Council
  • The Big Blue Bus
  • Bedford Street
  • The Huggard Centre
  • The Wallich

Helping/Empowering the Homeless

The ‘help the homeless’ may seem like a deleterious platitude point – however if real independence, skills creation and confidence building activities could help improve our homeless citizens opportunities to get re-houses, re-employed and re-integrated into our communities; this could be beneficial for all……

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