Landlords, houses and agencies

There has been a history the last twenty years of some very decent local landlords who have provided an excellent service to tenants. These are small scale landlords with several properties (yet not dozens of properties) who do not deal with agencies and have proven to be effective landlords who often are recommended by word of mouth.

However – such positive examples are rarely mentioned, as too many complaints are understandably made by the students from multiple universities and colleges, professionals and families who rent in the Cathays districts.


If you have a complaint to me made to the HMO of bad landlord practice – you can do it (anonymously if necessary) here. Just click on the link and go to the end of the council HMO webpage.

There are some very bad landlords and poorly performing agencies that have caused considerable strain on renting families and renting students. It is important that you avoid some of these irresponsible parties.

Using ‘Connect Cathays’ you can look at street maps which will show if every house available [to students, postgrads, young professionals and families] have been appropriately licensed. You can check any street you are looking to rent at to see if the landlord you are considering is responsibly HMO registered with the council services.

Home Sweet Home:

This emerging group, particularly focused on Cathays, has beenHome-Sweet-Home-logo established to help raise awareness amongst any tenants on how to go about complaints procedure and seek advice to overcome being a victim of negative and irresponsible landlord activity.

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