Litter and waste collection

Litter and Waste images Get it all out on the right bin day & avoid the fines !!

Composting and Green Recycling bags is EVERY Wednesday morning. Please use this snap shot taken from Council and Cardiff Digs waste calendar to know what days to put out the red/white stripped bags with your regular waste in it.

Tidy Text – your first step forward !!

Please sign up to the Tidy Text service. You’ll get a weekly reminderTidy Text flyer by Cardiff Council on the day before on what bins must go out. If we can reduce / stop altogether the wrong bins going out on the wrong days – we can reduce the litter problems!

Waste collection without wheelie bins: This is an issue as you have all experienced seagulls tearing the black bins bags. There are several recommendations the residents and students have made to reduce these impacts:

  1. NEVER place waste food in plastic bags – put them in the food caddy. Student Digs and Environmental champions recommendation.
  2. Place black bin bags on top of the green bin bags – keeping them out of reach of seagulls (this has some varying level of success) Cranbrook Street resident recommendation.
  3. Spray some bleach on black bins after you put them out (seagulls stay well clear from it) Harriet Street resident recommendation.

With national local authority cuts, we can expect continuing reductions in our waste collections, street cleaning and support mechanisms for reducing fly tipping. Many residents have really led by example by cleaning the outside of their own homes. Some beds and chairs (still in adequate condition) can be recovered by charities if the landlords, agencies of students report/offer local charities the opportunity to get the furniture recovered and re-used by low-income families. Please do not rob them of these opportunities.

Street litter, leaves and fly tipping:

Many landlords/tenants throw chairs, beds, cookers etc. outside their homes. This can be left their for several days or weeks and make an eye sore of the area. Please report to C2C/029 2087 2087 any dumping on your street or fly tipping in the area. If everyone takes responsibility just for keeping the path cleared outside their homes – this can have a positive knock on effect for the area.

Student private accommodation gardens:

Many students suffer the indignance of very poorly maintained gardens which they can not enjoy. Some landlords have shown strong example of  creating appropriate space with concrete/slab central areas and green spaces on the outskirts of the gardens allowing for natural drainage. If landlords build large composting spaces in the back gardens of their student accommodation; each autumn the leaves can be taken from the gardens (and just the space in front of your home) and added to the composting site in the front/rear of the yard.

This will support the biological properties of the Cathays soil structure. Healthier soils will absorb more carbon and help reduce global warming.

We strongly recommend that all our students search out houses that do have provisions for appropriate gardens space as well as landlord properties that adhere to council HMO (Houses of Multiple Occupation) licensing.

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