Mapping Cathays

The Your Cathays mapping entity aims to list as many of the local voluntary groups, local businesses, local faith groups, local charities, local regular events – contact if you want Your Cathays to list your entity. Establishing a map of all the amazing activities that happen in Cathays (and Central town) will help raise awareness and bring our community together a little more.

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A lot of our Cathays neighbours and local businesses are not entirely clear of the boundary to Cathays – so we have added a map to clarify where the Cathays electoral border is.

Google MAP of Cathays - with electoral border

Cathays is a wide expanse stretching from (North Cathays)at Allensbank road passing by the Maindy Barracks then the East side of Bute (bordered by the River Taff) Park then leading down to South Cathays to the Rugby/Principality Stadium and all the city centre and Cathays Central, following the train line up to Queen Street Station and the Caerphilly Line up to where the bridge intersects with Crwys Road and back up to North East Cathays where the border encompasses all of Cathays Cemetery and Wedal Road before it rejoins Allensbank Road.

This is a significant expanse consisting of thousands of residents of all ages, numerous religious establishments, many local (and larger scale national) businesses, charities, voluntary bodies and the bustling city centre.

The Cathays district has a vast social, economical and environmental impact (for better and worse) upon the Cardiff and wider South East Wales …. how we conduct ourselves in Cathays can have positive/negative wider implications.

Now that you all have a better idea of the exact Cathays border, we hope it supports you all with your social/community/business outreach efforts.

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