Please note the basic information sheets from 2011/2012 are not uploaded. They were merely contact details back in the early days of when we were trying to find all the residents in Cathays (an exercise that still continues today!)

If you wish to look at the recent newsletters, please click on the links below:

Y/C – Newsletter #10 – expected Spring 2019

Y/C – Newsletter #9 – October 2018

Y/C – Newsletter #8 – Mar 2018

Y/C – Newsletter #7 – Oct 2017

Y/C – Newsletter #6 – Feb 2017

Y/C – Newsletter #5 – May 2016

Y/C – Newsletter #4 – Nov 2015

Y/C – Newsletter #3 – April 2015

Y/C – Newsletter #2 – Dec 2014 / Jan 2015

Y/C – Newsletter #1 – Summer 2013

‘Your Cathays’ is better known for its local newsletter which is aimed to put out (twice a year) to all residents and local businesses. What started off as a few hundreds newsletters now goes to a regular 1,400+ resident/family homes (as of 2018) and 400-450 local businesses, faith groups, voluntary bodies, charities and other groups in Cathays.

As Cardiff Central is part of the Cathays district, we hope to find an avenue to distribute e-copies of the newsletter to our neighbours and businesses in the City Centre.

Please email us if you prefer to receive a .pdf copy of the newsletter instead of hardcopy, as this will help us reduce costs.

As the local network is built up, we do not just post the newsletter and expect it to go in the recycling bins (understandable with the level of junk mail that gets thrown through each door) often we will knock on your door to give you the newsletter. This helps open up communication in the area between us all …..

Having quick conversations with the residents and local businesses helps dialogue, build trust, generate ideas and encourage people to be more empowered to deal with local challenges.

This is an opportunity to improve existing relationships and find out what is happening on your street.

If you know someone in your district who does not receive this hard copy newsletter and they wish to be included in the rounds – please contact us and pass on the house number and street name.

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