Pest Control

Many of our residents put down rat poison to attempt to reduce the burden of rats in our gardens, streets and rooftops. It may seem sometimes a professional level of pest eradication is required (check the prices here) which you can call them on 029 2087 2934 (Answering machine out of hours) or 029 2087 2935 – If you feel that it’s an emergency, you can call 029 2087 1650 to speak to a duty officer, who will offer advice only.

The concept of ‘Pest control’ almost sounds like an oxymoron – as the perceived pests (rats, pigeons, seagulls) are only invited in by bad human design or bad human practice.

  • If the bins are vulnerable – the pigeons and rats will be in there.
  • If food is left in garden – the rats will be in there.
  • If bread is thrown out on the street – pigeons will get in there.

Our resident feline population in Cathays does undertake some level of pest control by killing the rats; yet we should not be reliant upon our cats to deal with rats.

Design out the problem;

If you are using wheelie bins (assuming you can get all rubbish in there) then your bags should be protected. If red+white bags are placed on top of your green recycling bags and compost/food caddy large bins – it should (in theory) lift the bags off the floor so the seagulls and rats have got less of an opportunity to destroy them.


If you are on a street with no wheelie bins, can you [the resident] build a container [or the student ask your landlord to build one] to put the red & white refuse bags in whilst you are waiting for them to be taken away fortnightly. This will protect them whilst they are awaiting transferring from the back to the front of you house for “bin day”.

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