Planning in Cathays

Finding about about local planning permissions in Cathays – your neighbourhood and how you can support, protect and enhance it!

Your first port of call is the Cardiff Council Planning portal – here you can put in your postcode – find out what is happening (planning applications on your doorstep!) in your corner of Cathays.

If there is something in a nearby planning application you disagree with – you can take it up with your Cathays Councillors. by calling/emailing them or attending the Cathays regular bi-monthly PACT meetings and bringing up your concerns!

If you can make time to turn up to your PACT meetings, you will hear many positive stories of a lot of Cathaysian families working with our councillors and other groups to beat a lot of these ridiculous planning applications. Together we all make Cathays a stronger community and happier place to live!

Party Wall Act (1996):

The vast majority of Cathaysians are not expected to know planning law off by heart – yet if we can tackle the small issues together (and be known for it too) then we can make for a healthier community!

If the property next door to you is being ‘remodelled’ (dropped ceilings/floors are no longer permitted) then there are somethings you need to be aware of!

  • Your neighbour who is building next door – must give you 8 weeks notice if they are intending to work (build/renovate/alter) on the party wall (shared wall to your home)
  • A survey must be undertaken on their side or the wall – AND your side of the wall by your neighbour; who is initiating the building work who must pay for both surveys (not you!)
  • This is not enforced by many UK councils so if you become aware of remedial/alteration work being undertaken next door and you have not been given notice – if they do not undertake a survey of your side of party wall then you may have to take civil action against them – yet try communication with the offending party first before you start threatening legal action!

Please click on highlighted text for Information on preventing and resolving disputes regarding Party Wall.

Other sources to explain party wall act:

  1. DIY Data
  2. Planning Portal
  3. Simplify the Law
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