Rebuild Cathays

This is not about knocking down entire streets – it’s about preserving and improving the existing housing stock and

Improving building performance:

Up to the turn of the century housing for students was at saturation point. Now things have gone the other way with these large modern student large private halls being built – it is taking the business away from some landlords.

The decent landlords have seen this as an opportunity to regenerate their houses. Now with an excess of student renting houses, the undergraduates have more of a choice of better quality houses to take up – and not be relegated to being forced to take a rubbish communal house.

With many houses being left empty, there is an opportunity for more families and professionals to move back into the Cathays district.

Rainwater collection and Flooding reduction:

The flooding issue affects all parts of the UK and the world. What can be done in the Cathays district can be easily adapted to homes – which many residents have led by example on.

Having a water butt in your garden can collect rainwater from your guttering and

Roads and Parking:

The parking issue will always be a contentious one. It is difficult

Many of our students find it too expensive to run a car and therefore leave it at home as it is recognised that cars that are left in the same place does attract the attention of thieves.

With more gardens established and grass verges by the roads – the flooding problem can be greatly reduced.

Street Planning:

Some roads and street design are expansive and take up space which is not utilised. There is an opportunity to create more green space, pedestrian and cycling space in the Cathays district. What do you think can be done on your street?

Opportunities can arise to add more green space, or trees to the locality of Cathays to support wildlife and improve the visual appearance of the area.

Can you think of any wide open spaces that can be improved by biodiversity; trees, planting trays etc.

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