Rhymney Street Reunion

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Rhymney Street Reunion is an amazing community page set up on Black & White - mid 20th CFacebook with a view to encourage people to appreciate the social history and richness of this lovely and uniquely designed street in Cathays.

decades apart ....When you look on the Rhymney Street Reunion Facebook page you will see pictures, news and trends that reflect this lovely street. You can contribute words and pictures if you are a residents, ex-resident or relative/friend etc. Join the page and add your information to be part of the Rhymney Street Reunion!

Check out the messages and the images on this FB community page and see who you can reconnect with!

Rhymney Street Residents Association - BW

(all images from Rhymney Street Reunion Page) Get involved and join the reunion! Find old friends and rejoice in that community spirit!

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