Tackling graffiti

The social phenomenon of ‘tagging’ where vandals just spray their initials or tag on walls, or the larger scale graffiti is something of an eye sore which upsets many residents, families, professionals, postgrads and students.

There are several avenues open to the general public. A small pot of money is available in Cathays to fund murals being created by local artists. Examples can be seen around Cardiff here.

These are painted perfectly over existing graffiti – THEN to ensure further graffiti from going over the murals in rebuke; the murals are protected by anti-graffiti-slime which is a transparent and will protect the mural. If spray paint goes on top it will be washed off by the rain or with warm soapy water.

Contact your local councillors and report the site of graffiti and mention what you would like to see added in the form of a mural. Perhaps a historic Cardiff theme? A local poem? Your imagination can come up with various positive recommendations of what can be immortalised on your future Cathays murals all around your district.

Additionally – for people who do not wish to have paintings on walls or houses; there is the option that you can just cover the walls in the anti-graffiti-slime.

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