Click on the drop down menus above for the student and postgrad pages for information we hope will support the majority of you who have chosen to live in Cathays!

University Life …. ahhh – all games and play? Or a lot of misery and can’t wait to graduate? It is important that students understand Over 1,200 families live in Cathays and the community is a very functional one who is a lot more tolerant and supportive of students in the 2010’s and 2020’s than compared to the infamous days of 1980’s/1990’s when serious tensions and problems occurred between our families and our students.

Cathays was allowed to almost become an insane ghetto – yet you are living amongst a strong community now with an emerging demographic of young professional families (in no small part to dozens of ex-students who elected to stay here after they graduated , got jobs, settled down & married and had their own families now!) It is because of many of you that we are 1,200 (and increasing) families in Cathays.

These two pages have been created for you to use as a student, a postgraduate or as a young professional in the 21-35 range.

Cathays is a very contemporary place, with the businesses on Crwys Road and Woodville Road attempting to work together (although for some reason the majority of them ostracise the infamous Letting Agencies!) alongside the multiple Faith groups, 3 primary schools, local Heritage Library, The Cons Club Cathays and Cathays Sports and Social etc. to be part of a fluid and well communicated thriving community!

The student-page has been created by past students, new 20’s graduates, families in their 30’s and 40’s who experienced doing degrees and the 50-90 year olds who bring wisdom of trying to work with the students in recent decades. We thank five of our local landlords who actually live and breath in Cathays for their input too.


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