The main webpage for the council regarding local residents/local families for all of Cardiff is listed below!

The current Cathays councillors contact details & surgeries are at the bottom of page.

Having door knocked every street in Cathays, it is very reassuring that so many of you keep an eye on the planning applications, maintenance improvement proposals etc. which has resulted in some of you contacting the Your Cathays Newsletter to ask for support with getting signatures for petitions or just getting general information out to rest of you!

Due to this empowered holistic approach undertake by so many Cathays residents – by mobilising together we can improve our community standing and stop or reduce some of these insane planning applications for HMO’s (Houses of Multiple Occupancy) or mega blocks going up in an overdeveloped Cardiff.

The Your Cathays editor has developed some very good in-roads with many people in the council, which has shown repeteadly how much many people in highways, parks, planning, regeneration,  grounds, parking enforcement, social housing and many other departments have an overwhelming desire to work with residents of all the districts of Cardiff to make our city a better place.

Please look at the residents/family pages for the council on:

Webspage for residents:

You will see the below image on this page – so you can chase up the individual interest/queries that you have.


The Cathays local Councillors & how to contact them:

Your local councillor surgeries in Cathays are:

  • Every Saturday 11am-12pm at Cathays Library
  • First Saturday of the month 11am-12pm at Cathays Community Centre (in addition to the library)
  • Every third Tuesday of the month – City Centre Library 5-6pm.

Cllr Ali Ahmed

Tel: 02920 755283 / Mobile:  07968 165138 or eMail:

Cllr Norma Mackie

Tel: 07779 975 605  or eMail:

Cllr Sarah Merry

Tel:  029 2037 2301 / Mobile:  07906 355 971 or eMail:

Cllr Chris Weaver

Tel:  02920 397149 / Mobile:  07909 991 021 or eMail: