ILS: Independent Living Services:

Independent Living Services [ILS] this is dominantly for our elders, people who are disabled or people who have mobility issues around the house. This may be an opportunity for you to get help with fixing an old television, putting a shelf up, broken tap or something that you can’t quite do yourself and you have no money or network that can help you (the vast majority of this is FREE to you!

So please call 02920 234 234 or email to find out if Independent living services can help you in your home and help maintain your independence.

Tel: 029 20 234 234​​


Meals on Wheels:

Meals on Wheels (no description required) you all know meals on wheels, yet you may not know they operate in Cardiff to serve our elderly, disabled and mobility challenged neighbours.

Interested/curious? Then please call 02920 537 080 or email to discuss whether it is suitable for you. £3-60p for standard meal or £4-50p for meal & dessert (this includes delivery costs).


Tel: 02920 537 080


Telecare Services Cardiff – this will give you peace of mind with cold-callers – please call (again) 02920 537 080 or email to discuss the possibility of you having a telecare device put on the inside of your door (for the love of God just don’t hit it when I knock on your door over the coming years!) this should costs you £4-95p a month.

If someone is being a pushy cold caller – you can just hit the telecare alarm button on back of your door and someone will come around within 10-20 minutes to check on you and find out what has happened.

Tel: 02920 537 080