Noise is a real issue in any town or city.  Although many families in Cathays freely admit the house parties in the locale have significantly reduced in the last 10-20 years, there are many noise intrusions TODAY which you should not have to tolerate. You all have a duty of care to your family and/or your neighbours to report all noise issues!

It helps if you jot down then the noises happen, what times, what location – if unsure of exact property; you can still give an approximation!

You have the right to complain about noise if it falls under the following categories:

  • Loud music or excessive use of Musical instruments
  • Barking dogs / Animal noise
  • Shouting
  • DIY – Do it yourself / Construction site noise.
  • Commercial noise
  • House/Transport Alarms
  • Noise that is emitted from or caused by a vehicle, machinery or equipment in a street.

The Shared Regulatory Services delivers a Night Time Noise Service on behalf of Cardiff Council for its residents. The operational hours for this service are usually at peak periods on Friday and Saturday nights from 7pm until late. This service is contactable at those times on (For Cardiff and Vale residents ONLY):

Please call 0300 123 66 96.

Web link for council anti social activity is:


Example of Noise complaints taken to FINE levels !!

In 2016 on Rhymney Terrace (50% residents living on that street) and top end of Rhymney Street (over 70 families living there!)

Newspaper link: “£5000 FINE threatened on student house!”

Letter sent to their home by Cardiff Council in 2016 ! Proof that when everyone works together – things get done!