Purpose of the newsletter
Past Your Cathays Newsletters archive:
Empowering the Cathays people
Empowering the Cathays district

Purpose of the newsletter

The Your Cathays Newsletter was developed after the recession as a community resource to attempt to empower the 1,400 to 1,450 families (that we have met so far) 

Part of the Your Cathays newsletter’s ethos is to go out and meet every single family/resident household

Past Your Cathays Newsletters archive:

Please click on the below links to download the recent Your Cathays Newsletters in .pdf format.

Y/C#10 – Your Cathays Newsletter – Spring 2019 – inc Map of Cathays
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Y/C#5 – Your Cathays Newsletter – May 2016
Y/C#4 – Your Cathays Newsletter – Nov 2015
Y/C#3 – Your Cathays Newsletter – March/April 2015
Y/C#2 – Your Cathays Newsletter – May 2015
Y/C#1 – Your Cathays Newsletter – 2014

Empowering the Cathays people

The population is re-emerging in Cathays (see resident household numbers per street page) and from speaking with 95%+ of you (not including the city centre) every 6 months that the newsletter goes out; it is very evident our British families are moving back into Cathays with many 25-40 year old professional couples buying into Cathays and having their new families born here too.

We’ve averaged a minimum of 8 babies each year 2016, 2017 and 2018 so it is very evident the demographic is re-emerging in your district. Cathays is becoming a proper community again.

The City Centre – part of the Cathays ward district

Cardiff City Centre/Cardiff Central town is within the southern part of the Cathays district/ward.