Yes it is free!!

The Next Door phenomenon is well established in Cathays with approximately 400 neighbours who have signed up. If you sign up – you will be able to notify or request from your neighbours things like recommended plumber, or baby buggy for sale, a local event (Cathays Fair) and all your messages you can tailor your outreach to the immediate Cathays area or the immediate surrounding districts.

This website does help us raise issues of immediate importance such as:

  • Missing cats
  • Recommended babysitter
  • Boiler replacement
  • Recommended gardener
  • House cleaner
  • TV for sale …

The list goes on – it may help build more links within our community.

You can sign up your neighbours in your local vicinity – giving their name and address, where Next Door will send a postcard to their house to invite/encourage them to sign up to Next Door.