Your Police in Cathays
– Crime Map – Keep up to date & see what is happening on your street!
– Regular Police meeting points for residents & local businesses

Your Police in Cathays

PC Andy Gardiner
Telephone: 07469 907 851

PCSO Ceri Francis
Telephone: 07805 301 669

PCSO Nick Benyon
Telephone: 07586 551 228

If you attend the regular Cathays PACT meetings – this will be another opportunity to speak with your local police (and councillors and other neighbours) on local issues of local anti-social activity.

Your PC’s and PCSO’s are a lifeline of information gathering and helping connect up our Cathays community. They make themselves available on a daily basis – If you see them around on foot patrol or on bike please talk to them about your issues or concerns in Cathays.

Crime Map – Keep up to date & see what is happening on your street!

Please look at the Cathays Police website to highlight the monthly crime reporting statistics. The numbers on the Cathays map will represent high/low crime rate densities. Additionally if you read the ‘Community Paypack‘ initiative (part of community service) – you can recommend a street in Cathays that requires:

  • removing graffiti
  • clearing litter and rubbish from public areas
  • repairing and decorating public building such as community centres
  • clearing undergrowth from paths and other areas
  • working on projects which benefit the environment

There is much you can do, by nominating a ‘community payback’ project for Cathays you can help see social remediation being undertaken in our fair district.

Regular Police meeting points for residents & local businesses:

Your Cathays PCSO’s & PC’s are very dedicated people who care that your district can be a thriving and positive community. We actively encourage you to build a strong association with your local constabulary in Cathays.

You can meet your PC’s and PCSO’s for an informal discussion on Tuesday’s 9am-10am at Dalton Street Community Centre or on Wednesday’s at 2pm-3pm at Cathays Library.

Additionally you will see your Cathays PCSO’s walking around your district on a regular basis, please stop them and talk to them about your concerns, complaints or ideas – the PCSO’s are keen to work with all the residents, local businesses, religious establishments, landlords, students and anyone else based in Cathays. Alternatively you can attend the PACT (Police & Community Together) meetings on the first Monday or every other month – click for link!

Students: There is also a Police monthly informal drop-in at Cardiff Union to discuss safety issues or securing your properties!