1 – Bin days in Cathays
2 – Cardiff Council Pink Sticker Initiative
3 – Look after your own street
4 – Binfo App
5 – Join (or start) a Keep Cathays Tidy SHAPES
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Council Update on bins – please download this .pdf from Thursday, 26th March 2020

1 – Bin Days in Cathays

The correct bins days are listed for Sept 2019 – August 2020


2 – Cardiff Council Pink Sticker Initiative

The main culprits in the waste is food in wrong bags, textiles in wrong bags (send them to charity shop!) and nappies (not going in proper yellow bags for separate collection) ……… for many people mixing up waste in the wrong bags will result in the 5 stage process of the pink stickers. Once you are on sticker 5 you will be fined – so check here to see what to do !! Please do learn the process and understand it!

If you click on the sticker or link below it will take you to the Cardiff Council ABC of all waste products – AND WHERE TO PUT THEM IN WHICH CORRECT BAGS !!!!

If you’ve received a pink sticker on your green recycling bag, there’s something in there that shouldn’t be.

Check if you’ve placed food, textiles or nappies in there by mistake or take a look at our Recycling A-Z for advice: https://www.cardiff.gov.uk/ENG/resident/Rubbish-and-recycling/A-Z-of-recycling/Pages/default.aspx #seepinkstopandthink

Use the education – think of your environmental and social impact – think how to improve your waste minimisation activities – and do not get fined !!!


3 – Look after your own street

With a marked increase in the amount of families moving into Cathays since the 2010’s – more people wish to ensure the area is cleaner for their children and neighbours. Many of you lead by example by cleaning up just outside your own houses, making sure nearby green spaces are litter free and even doing a bit of community wildflower planting.

Your neighbours observe your activities and they follow suit by doing mini clean up’s of just their own front of house and immediate nearby houses.

One example (aside from litter picking your own space outside your home/office) is there is simple steps like flushing out your kitchen and kerbside caddies with hot soapy water that will help reduce smells and attract unwanted attention from vermin. In this video a resident washes out the kerbside caddies for the families, professionals and students on the street.

Many of you lead by example!



4 – Binfo – the Council App

LINK: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.gov.cardiff.CardiffGov.Android&hl=en

Please do share with your neighbours across Cathays & wider Cardiff! The BINFO APP is designed to help you check your bin days on your street, report fly tipping (upload pictures etc as evidence) – and much else besides. Download it and see what you can do it. All the evidence gathered by the council on the BINFO will help to highlight trouble spots or areas of interest and good practice.

Additionally you can check:
  1. Check your Council Tax account.
  2. Sign up for Council Tax e-bills and notifications.
  3. Report a street cleansing problem such as littering or dog fouling.
  4. Report fly tipping straight from the scene.
  5. Report a problem on the road or pavement.
Please share the link via the below options:


5 – Join (or start) with one or more ‘Keep Cathays Tidy: SHAPES’

Keep Cathays Tidy volunteers undertake a once a month large litter pick (please check the KCT Facebook and KCT Twitter pages for updates of upcoming events)

The KCT: Keep Cathays Tidy SHAPES on the KCT website (organised by the residents of Cathays) highlights the various existing efforts by many families and faith groups taking responsibility for cleaning up their own little patches. You may live in these areas and have peace of mind knowing your neighbours are trying to do their bit in your locale of Cathays.

If you wish to create a KCT shape yourself – you are most welcome to get in touch with the Keep Cathays Tidy volunteer body via the social media on the KCT Facebook and KCT Twitter pages.

If everyone just does there bit, and be aware others across Cathays (and UK) are doing their bit to clean up the districts – we can all make a significant positive change together.




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