Lets face it – since the 1980’s parking in Cathays has been a serious challenge – and with hundreds of families often citing concerns about lack of parking space – and that is it continues to become increasingly finite. Many families/residents/professionals will immediately default to blaming the students – this is not always the case!! Many of you are more astute and have made the following observations over time.

  • Residents wrongly thinking 21-40 year old professionals living in Cathays are students (it happens more times than you realise) and the 22-40 year old professionals HAVE a right to park here!
  • Commuters desperately trying to find a free space in and across Cathays
  • Garages leaving cars out around the streets
  • People unloading/moving in – yet not acquired badges yet
  • Car free households – that have a visitor badges (yet people immediately blame the students thinking it is a student car using the guest permit)

Rhymney street, Cathays is hit worse than most other streets in Cathays (and every street has got it bad too) yet with 60-65 families living on Rhymney Street (including 8 new young families with children) it a challenge enough for them to use 1 vehicle let along 2 vehicles.

Some families are trying to go car-free in this day & age; hence living in Cathays to have nearby access to schools, workplace, city centre and other amenities.


Tell somebody !! REPORT IT !!

You can either call up or message on the council website an issue with parking.

The 029 2087 2087 number may be one format to contact the council, another being the online reporting facility on Cardiff Council Website. (or click on tiny council image on left)

The more our Cathays residents complain – the more data is built up on parking problems across the district. The more evidence that is gathered – Cardiff Council can act on the data/evidence gathered.

Many of you are taking pictures and sending them through Cardiff Council website, local Social Media etc – this all helps raise the issue of over parking – which with sufficient complaints made will get something done!

PARKING: When to contact the Police/Parking Enforcement.

This is basic guidance – and will be liable to change an on annual basis.