Reduce the Junk mail/letters to your house!


Or Google short code:

Many of you have commented on your frustrations of the mix of junk mail along with your regular post. Now having spoken to several of our amazing local Postal staff; they are very forthcoming to share with all of you the junk mail opt out:

Please type out/Click on the short URL above (or call 0345 266 0858 & press option 4) and once you fill out the forms – it means when the postal workers are sorting your mail first thing in the morning, they will no longer add the supplemental junk mail your household normally end up with through your letter box on a weekly basis! Small yet important steps to reduce your stress!

It must be stressed this will NOT stop the local businesses putting their flyers through your door – that is a wider district / city / rural / national issue to deal with!! This will stop the junk mail/promotional flyers/unsolicited letters that the Postal workers put through your letterbox along with your normal post (we can’t do nothing about the bills – they are the only things that will keep coming along with death & taxes!!)

If you don’t trust the above link – just Google ‘Post Office optout’ and several options will come up for you. It will reduce some of the junk mail coming through your door (and your local postal worker will be grateful to you all for less weight to trundle round Cathays every morning on top of your normal post loads!!!) and hopefully a tiny bit less stress in your daily busy lives.

Imagine the waste reduced on a million families opting out across the UK – small steps = big results!