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Your right to locating a landlord
Turning HMO’s back into a resident/family home
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The average landlord gets a bad rap in the UK, yet a lot of the local landlords in Cathays (Hormoz, Tina, Craig, Margaret, Tony, Mike to name a few) have raised the bar and led by example for students, Postgrads, young professionals, families and elders. Many decent tenants stay more long term with the decent landlords with some tenants in Cathays claiming to live in the rented HMO’s for 5-15 years!

Yet sadly – there are still some very poor leading example of very bad landlord activities; which makes the good decent landlords appear bad too (unfairly dragging them down)! You do have a voice in Cathays – and by using the below links hopefully it will highlight positive landlords efforts – and equally raise awareness of the very poor landlord examples too that drag us all down!


Rent Smart Wales

The Landlord licensing was brought into pass in the 2010’s which all landlords legally have to be registered and regulated by the Rent Smart Wales group.

The website is available to landlords, tenants, councils and anyone else who needs to access the information. Rent Smart Wales is a service hosted by Cardiff Council but ensures compliance with the legislation in partnership with 22 Welsh local authorities. The Welsh Ministers designated Cardiff Council as the Licensing Authority for the whole of Wales in 2015. The designation can be read on the legislation website 

In its role as Licensing Authority under the Housing (Wales) Act 2014, the Rent Smart Wales service must process landlord registrations and grant licences to landlords and agents who are required to comply with the Housing (Wales) Act 2014.

The reason the Welsh Government chose one Council to act as administrator for the whole of Wales is to make the service easier for landlords, agents and tenants to access. The central register means that landlords only deal with one licensing authority rather than 22 separate local authorities; only one registration is required per landlord arrangement and for those who let and manage property one licence is sufficient to operate across Wales.


Your right to locating a landlord

As residents – you can find the name of the landlord by entering the Postcode or House number, street name and town/city into the Rent Smart Wales Register Checking facility.

The Tenants Voice website defines what you can know about the landlord.

In a nutshell:

  • Tenants have a right to know the landlord’s name and address.
  • Under the law, you can request these contacts from the letting agent or relevant person managing the property.
  • When you make a written request, that person has 21 days to provide you with the name and address of the landlord.
  • The landlord’s address can be their home, their office or another property they occupy.
  • You can find your landlord’s contacts in the official tenancy documents, like the tenancy agreement, gas safety certificate, etc.
  • Additionally, you can search for your landlord in the local council and land registry.

In contrast – the landlords have rights too – please see Cardiff Landlord Forum below!


Turning HMO’s back into a resident/family home

There are many landlords who have ran their full path and wish to sell the property on. As the student HMO numbers demand is decreasing – a few landlords are slowly reverting the properties back into resident/family homes.

Some keep the HMO status yet take on longer term tenants who will stay in the buildings for 5 – 10 years. A shifts in the market occur, many HMO’s now are occupied by a grouping of:

  • Widows/Widowers who commune together
  • 3 professionals renting a 5 bedroom house (using spare rooms as offices or guest rooms)
  • Doctoral candidates who stay in houses for solid 4-5 years

The student market may be at saturation point across Cardiff now; of which the professional landlords have adapted accordingly to service markets such as the above three examples.

., of which the professional landlords have adapted accordingly to service markets such as the above

Rate your Landlords in Cardiff

The valiant efforts of ‘Home Sweet Home Cardiff’ sadly never got off the ground in the early to mid 2010’s – yet it did lay the groundwork for websites in the 2020’s for groups such as ‘Rate your Landlord Cardiff‘.  Your voice counts!


“We collect testimonials from past and present tenants to show the conditions landlords and agencies are letting people live in. Using our tag system you can find properties based on the agency or landlord. Using our submission page you can help us expand and warn other tenants based in Cardiff. Submitting helps hold agencies and landlords accountable and lets first-time tenants know what they might be up against.”

This is your chance to wave up bad landlords and letting agencies (and sing praises of good landlords!!!) and make other prospective tenants wary of these examples of very poor landlord/letting agency activity.

PLEASE ‘pay it forward’ this will help support the good landlords and decent tenants much needed support they deserve [and give the bad landlords and letting agencies warning across the boughs!]

Social Media: Facebook page.


Cardiff Landlord Forum

The Cardiff Landlord Forum is an independent body ran by landlord volunteers. Our decent landlords need as much protection sometimes as much as vulnerable tenants. Many landlords lead by example on multiple fronts (quality housing, relationship with immediate neighbours, decent garden design, domestic surveillance etc) – hence they have long term tenants who can vouch for the good landlords excellent efforts!

The Aims and objectives of the CLF are to educate and to inform landlords of Cardiff and to provide avenues of communication with officers, council members and external bodies and to provide a common voice in the service of the membership.

To work with Cardiff Council and other partners to improve services within the private rented sector and to develop the sector to the benefit of landlords, tenants and the community at large.

Cardiff Landlord Objectives:

  • Set a standard of good practice as laid down in the association’s Code of Ethics.
  • Represent its members to and liaise with Local and Central Government and other organisations.
  • Provide information and assistance to members on current facts and affairs relating to the private rented housing sector.
  • Work towards better and efficient regulation within the private rented housing sector.
  • Organise lectures, seminars and training sessions for members.
  • Organise and participate in activities/events which further the aims of the Association.
  • Observe that members give a fair and honest service to the general public and abide by the Association’s Constitution, Membership rules and Code of Ethics.
  • Be non party in politics and non sectarian in religion.
  • In its own activities and its employment of staff, implement an effective equal opportunities policy and shall not therefore discriminate against any person on the grounds of race, ethnic or national origins, colour, sexual orientation or disability.

Social Media: Landlords can sign up to this Facebook page.